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About Us

At Mellow, our culture relies on delivering the best in holistic body treatments with continued growth and education.

The Harvard of Massage

We believe good bodywork starts at the source, as such we developed the Mellow Academy. A School that continues education for each of our therapists. Alongside their own certifications, we ensure the therapist that connects with you is double certified in each modality and skill.

Double Certified

Continued Training

Continued Research

Invest Back into Our Team

We constantly seek out new options to bring you the best in Massage and bodywork, from the tools we use (i.e. oils and cupping) to refresher courses on those already double certified.

Alongside our bodywork, our team of therapists are trained to spot problem areas and develop treatment plans that help your bodywork to its best ability. After all, you have one body, so use it wisely.

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