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2022 Best Massage

in Los Angeles

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2022 Best Massage
in Los Angeles.

Reserve a time that works for you and experience the pinnacle of restorative massage right here with us.

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60 Minutes

Create the perfect 60 minutes of bliss, our skilled therapists will custom your massage whether you’re in the mood for
something relaxing, or you need something stronger.

90 Minutes

Mellow’s signature offering – A deep tissue massage at it’s finest, perfect for healing what ails you. Intended to loosen the fascia, release tight muscles, and improve range of motion. Of course, if you just want 90 minutes of relaxation, that’s fine too.

120 Minutes

120 minutes of Heaven. Usually, our 120 minute massage is selected to target all problem areas in the body,
with a stronger, deep tissue focus. But if you simply feel the need to relax for 2 hours, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Massage Therapy in Los Angeles.

We created Mellow Massage to help our clients rest and recharge in an environment that is thoughtfully designed to help you recover from everyday life and its stressors. Deep tissue massage at it’s finest. Intended to loosen the fascia, release tight muscles, and improve range of motion.

Herbal Massage

Reduce inflammation, and experience a whole new way of massage.


Various blends of oils come together to support the architecture of your body.
Our therapists are certified in Aromatherapy massage.


Sitting at a desk, quarantine and driving to work can have a serious impact on the body.
Add a stretching session to your 60, 90 or 120 minute massage.


Mellow Massage in Los Angeles
1011 Cole Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA 90038

9am-9pm Everyday

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