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Supporting the architecture
of your body

True Progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice
– Saint Francis De Sales


Our Services

Need a calming and peaceful massage to recenter your mind, body, and soul? The Mellow might be just what you’re looking for. Maybe an invigorating
sports/deep tissue massage is in order after your workout week. Whatever it is you need, Mellow Massage can provide.

Not sure which one is a match for you for your next visit? Let us help you find the perfect solution!

60 Minutes

Create the perfect 60 minutes of bliss, our skilled therapists will custom your massage whether you’re in the mood for
something relaxing, or you need something stronger.

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90 Minutes

Mellow’s signature offering – A deep tissue massage at it’s finest, perfect for healing what ails you. Intended to loosen the fascia, release tight muscles, and improve range of motion. Of course, if you just want 90 minutes of relaxation, that’s fine too.

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120 Minutes

120 minutes of Heaven. Usually, our 120 minute massage is selected to target all problem areas in the body,
with a stronger, deep tissue focus. But if you simply feel the need to relax for 2 hours, we’ve got you covered.

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Sports Massage

Athletes of all levels from beginner to amateur to professional use sports massage therapy to help reduce pain…

Prenatal Massage

At no time does a body accomplish so much as it does during pregnancy! Growing a beautiful human being is an honor…

Swedish Massage

As one of the most popular massage therapies, Swedish massage involves long, soft, kneading strokes and light rhythmic…

Herbal Massage

Incorporating Herbal oil into your massage can bring a whole new level of beneficial results to each massage session you…

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy, also known as skin cupping, vacuum cupping, or just cupping, involves placing round cups directly on your skin…


All visits include 10 minutes for consultation and dressing.

60 Minutes Massage $89

90 Minutes Massage $119

120 Minutes Massage $159

Choose one to enhance your experience
Hot Stone, Cupping, Herbal, Stretch Therapy,
Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Drainage

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